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Butterflies Academy

9 شارع محمد عادل أبو المعاطى، ميدان الحجاز

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Bubbly Academy

2 Sicily St - Off Hassanein Heikal - Abbas Al Aqqad

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Bara3em Academy

Villa 118 - 2nd District - 6th Area off 90 St. - in front of Air Hospital

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PLG Academy

3 El-Wa'ad St. Off Ramsis St. in front of the Cathedral and El-Demerdash Hospital - Abbaseya

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Baby Garden Academy

Piece 4034 - ground floor - next to Glory American School

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Baby Home Academy

3 Riad Shams Street from Labib Street, Makram Ebaid Extension

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Peace Kids Academy

74 Gamal Duwidar St. - behind El Serag Mall - in front of El Wafaa wel Amal

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Jannaty Academy

Plot 9336 - Al Zohor St - behind Cook Door Restaurant and Al Safa Mosque

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Jana al Islam Academy

In front of Home Pharmacy off Salah Al Deen St. - Al Hadaba Al Wousta - behind Amr Helmy Design Mall

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Junior's Academy

21 Ahmed El Khashab St. off Abbas El Aqqad St. - behind Egypt Air

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Reform Academy

Villa 109 (A) - in front of Cairo Modern International School - Banafseg 6

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Steps Academy

14 Ahmed Qassim Gouda St - behind McDonalds - Abbas Al Aqqad

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Smart Academy

Building no. 1 - Misr Lel Taamer Buildings - 6th Area

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