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Faculty of Physical Education for girls was founded in 1981 based on the decision of the Board of zagazig University, in its meeting held on 25 April 1981 establishment of the faculty for sports, one for boys and one for girls.

Year Founded



Recreation management and administration
Exercise and gymnastics and motor expression
Water sports and concessions
Educational and Social Sciences in physical education
Health Sciences
Curriculum and methods of teaching and training in s

Studying Sections


Admission Requirements

1. College accept high school students of literary and scientific sections with the requirement of obtaining a minimum degree of a community that is defined by the Coordination Office each year.
2 - pass tests of capabilities.

Admission Certificates

Public secondary (literary)
Public secondary (Math)
Public secondary (science )
The American diploma
British Diploma
Equivalent certificates

Degrees Awarded


Diploma Programs

The College offers diploma degree in the following programs :

1 - diploma in development and management
2 - diploma of Education
3 - diploma training.

Post-Graduate Programs


Master Programs

The College offers a master's degree in the following programs :

1 - Master of management and administration
2 - Master of Education
3 - master training.

PHD Programs

The College awards the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in physical education in accordance with the scientific sections of the following :

1 - games
2 - recreation management and administration
3 - exercise and gymnastics and motor expression

Years Of Study


Specialization Year

The second school year.

Credit Hours

Isn't available



Contact Data: Faculty Of Physical Education For Girls _ El Zagazig University

Address: Zagazig University, el gamaa, zagazig, sharqiya.
El Zagazig, Sharkia

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