Wonder Child Academy

Cairo-Mokattam -
French education Foreign Teachers High-level
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Wonder Child Academy

Wonder Child Academy

Wonder Child Academy

Wonder Child Academy

Wonder Child Academy

Wonder Child Academy

Wonder Child Academy

Wonder Child Academy

Wonder Child Academy

Wonder Child Academy

Wonder Child Academy

Wonder Child Academy

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Planète Français

Planète Français répond aux besoins des enfants dès 3 mois à 5 ans.


L'apprentissage du français comme une langue maternelle.


À-propos nous:

On travail 5 jours par semaine dé 8 :00 à 16 :30 . des heures supplémentaires (le matin ou le soir) on offre aussi de service de garde pour les écoliers (extra heures sont disponible jusqu a 18:00 heures .

On accepte les enfants dé 3 mois à 5 ans.

on offre 3 repas bien équilibrés

des professeurs de français bien qualifiés (étrangers seulement)

Coran et classe d’Arabe.


Les ateliers:

Des coins des jeux à l’intérieur et on plein air .Art plastic et bricolage. Musique.

Art visuel DVD (en français seulement)


La cour est soigneusement conçu pour s'adapter et répondre aux besoins de votre enfant

Nous sommes prêts à vous donner un coup de main concernant d’aider votre petit à apprendre la propreté (potty training).



We have opened French branch Planète Français

In Planète Français all our kids are accepted easily in all French schools.

Only foreign teachers


Why Wonder Child Academy?

You are looking for an environment where your child is well cared of

You are looking for a warm and safe environment where your child can grow, learn and have fun.

You are seeking for a place that guarantees that your child can acquire good manners. 

You are seeking for an environment that enhances your child natural social development.

You are simply looking for receiving high quality services.


About us:

Five days a week from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Both earlier and later extra hours plus after school services are available till 6:00 pm.

We accept children from 3 months to school age.

Three well–balanced meals.

High qualified teachers English and French.

French teachers only foreigners.

Quran and Arabic classes.

We provide after school service

Indoor and outdoor playing areas.

Transportation to Maadi and Al Hadabah Al Woustah.



Art & crafts, Mosaic, Painting and stencil.

Music and DVD.

The playing area is carefully designed to fit and fulfill your child needs.

Fitness classes with a professional captain.

Swimming pool.


Summer Camp (French Course, scouting, Stencil, Origami, drawing, piano, Pool, trips and more…)

We are ready to give you a good hand in your child potty-training.

Contact Data: Wonder Child Academy

Address: Villa 10 - 19 St behind Total Gas Station
Mokattam - , Cairo

Advantager of Wonder Child Academy :

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