Higher Institute of Literary Studies - King Mariot - Variety Institutes

Address of Higher Institute of Literary Studies - King Mariot - Variety Institutes

Kilo 31 Alexandria desert rood, in front of "El Soq El Hora" , El Kafouri , King mariout.
King Mariout Alexandria
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The Institute was founded in 2000 by virtue of Ministerial Decree No. 668 of 22 May 2000. The Institute grants the degree of Bachelor of Arts which is equivalent to that granted by Egyptian universities.

Year Founded



History and Egyptology and Islamic Archaeology

Admission Requirements

The Institute accepts the General Secondary School with its literary and scientific subjects and the equivalent of Arab and foreign certificates.

Admission Certificates

High school (literary)
High school (mathematics)
High school ( science)
Al Azhar secondary
The American diploma
Equivalent certificates

Degrees Awarded


Diploma Programs


Post-Graduate Programs


Master Programs


PHD Programs


Years Of Study


Specialization Year

The Third school year.

Credit Hours

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1918 جنيه مصري

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