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Minya Menia
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The Faculty of Physical Education was inaugurated in 1981, and the study began in 1981/1982.

Year Founded



Collective sports and racquetball
Mathematical Training and Movement Science
Exercise, gymnastics and motor expression
water sports
Competitors and individual sports
Sports Management
Curricula and methods of teaching physical educ

Studying Sections


Admission Requirements

1 - The college accepts high school students with their literary and scientific popularity, subject to the minimum amount determined by the coordination office each year.
2 - Passing capacity tests.

Admission Certificates

Public secondary (literary)
Public secondary (Math)
Public secondary (science )
The American diploma
British Diploma
Equivalent certificates
Varies by section

Degrees Awarded

Bachelor degree
Master's degree

Diploma Programs

The College will grant the diploma in the following sections:
1- Sports management.
2 - Curricula and teaching methods.
3- Water sports.
4- Power games.
5- Sports psychology.

Post-Graduate Programs


Master Programs

The College offers a master's degree in the following departments:
1- Psychological sciences.
2- Competitors and individual sports.
3 - Sports recreation.
4- Power games.
5 - sports management.
6- Water sports.
7 - Collective sports and tenn

PHD Programs

The College offers a PhD in the following sections:
1 - Curriculum and teaching methods.
2- Sports management.
3 - Sports recreation.
4 - Exercise and gymnastics.
5- Sports training and movement science.
6- Collective sports and tennis games.|

Years Of Study


Specialization Year

The second school year.

Credit Hours

Isn't available



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