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مدارس سام بيكر الأمريكية

Sam Baiker American Schools

Grow The Talent
Piece 7 next to Bitcho American City - 500m from Carrefour Maadi
The last update to the data on the8/18/2014

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مدرسة إشراقة الغد

Future Rise Language School

We Will Ensure an Excellent Education and Quality Learning
Qatameya Investment District - Block H9 behind Bavarian Auto (BMW) - Ring Road

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In His Hands - Notre Dame Aswan

ابو الريش خلف كلية الهندسة - مدارس نوتردام أسوان - مركز ان هيز هاندز لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة
The last update to the data on the5/24/2016

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Jana al Islam Academy

In front of Home Pharmacy off Salah Al Deen St. - Al Hadaba Al Wousta - behind Amr Helmy Design Mall

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Ecole Franco City

Atlas Station - Abdallah Al Nadeem St - Al Motamayez District

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The last update to the data on the6/20/2016

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احمس -

الكرنك القديم الملقطة بجوار معبد الكرنك الأقصــر

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