1-How did you know our school?

2-Do you work ?

3- How many hours do you work ? who will wait for your son when he returns if you arrived after him ?

4- (ask  for the father ) what do you work? How many hours do you spend  time with your family?

5-Do your child go to nursery? For how long? What is its name?

6-how do you give your child a punishment if he did anything  wrong?

7-Who take the action of punishment  first?

8- What do you do in weekends?

9-D your child play any sport?

10-which club you are joining?

11-what do you need from the school?

12-Do your child have a hoby ?

13- How many hours does your child spend time to watch TV?

14-Which channel does your child watch?

15-what does your child do when he returns from the nursery?

16-How do you reward your child ?

17- Do you spend time with your child ?


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