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Egyptian schools Guide

Sharkia Schools (2357)
Cairo Schools (2208)
Dakahliya Schools (2034)
Beheira Schools (1986)
Sohag Schools (1446)
Giza Schools (1386)
Menia Schools (1297)
Gharbia Schools (1289)
Monofiya Schools (1248)
Assiut Schools (1239)
Kafr El Sheikh Schools (1140)
Qalubia Schools (1128)
Alexandria Schools (1102)
qena Schools (1054)
Bani Souwaif Schools (971)
Fayoum Schools (868)
Aswan Schools (766)
Damietta Schools (537)
Ismailia Schools (534)
Luxor Schools (448)
North Sinai Schools (358)
Matrouh Schools (286)
New Valley Schools (242)
Port Said Schools (208)
Suez Schools (203)
South sini Schools (156)
The Read Sea Schools (150)
Bahariya Oasisً Schools (29)
Sharm El Sheikh Schools (6)

Egyptian Nursery Guide

Cairo Nurseries (1692)
Giza Nurseries (792)
Alexandria Nurseries (214)
Qalubia Nurseries (63)
Gharbia Nurseries (28)
Monofiya Nurseries (21)
Sharkia Nurseries (20)
Kafr El Sheikh Nurseries (12)
Ismailia Nurseries (10)
Beheira Nurseries (10)
The Read Sea Nurseries (10)
Dakahliya Nurseries (9)
Menia Nurseries (8)
Sohag Nurseries (8)
Fayoum Nurseries (7)
Luxor Nurseries (6)
Damietta Nurseries (5)
qena Nurseries (5)
Port Said Nurseries (5)
Assiut Nurseries (4)
Aswan Nurseries (4)
Bani Souwaif Nurseries (4)
North Sinai Nurseries (3)
Suez Nurseries (2)
Sharm El Sheikh Nurseries (2)
Matrouh Nurseries (1)
New Valley Nurseries (1)

Egyptian Institutes Guide

Cairo Institutes (135)
Giza Institutes (56)
Alexandria Institutes (49)
Gharbia Institutes (17)
Dakahliya Institutes (14)
Sharkia Institutes (12)
Menia Institutes (7)
Monofiya Institutes (6)
Kafr El Sheikh Institutes (6)
Qalubia Institutes (6)
Beheira Institutes (5)
Ismailia Institutes (5)
Assiut Institutes (4)
qena Institutes (4)
Port Said Institutes (4)
Sohag Institutes (3)
Aswan Institutes (3)
Damietta Institutes (3)
Fayoum Institutes (3)
Suez Institutes (2)
Matrouh Institutes (2)
The Read Sea Institutes (1)
South sini Institutes (1)
Bani Souwaif Institutes (1)
Luxor Institutes (1)
North Sinai Institutes (1)

Egyptian Universities Guide

Cairo Universities (110)
Giza Universities (62)
Alexandria Universities (30)
Assiut Universities (22)
Dakahliya Universities (22)
Monofiya Universities (21)
Menia Universities (19)
Gharbia Universities (18)
Qalubia Universities (15)
Sharkia Universities (12)
Sohag Universities (12)
Bani Souwaif Universities (12)
Beheira Universities (9)
Fayoum Universities (9)
Ismailia Universities (9)
qena Universities (9)
Suez Universities (7)
Kafr El Sheikh Universities (7)
Port Said Universities (6)
Damietta Universities (5)
Aswan Universities (5)
North Sinai Universities (4)
Luxor Universities (2)
The Read Sea Universities (2)
New Valley Universities (1)

Activities and Arts Guide

Cairo Activities (68)
Giza Activities (22)
Alexandria Activities (6)
Qalubia Activities (5)
Sharkia Activities (1)

Educational Centers Guide

Cairo Centers (191)
Giza Centers (127)
Alexandria Centers (42)
Kafr El Sheikh Centers (10)
Qalubia Centers (10)
Gharbia Centers (7)
Sharkia Centers (6)
Menia Centers (4)
Monofiya Centers (4)
Dakahliya Centers (4)
Suez Centers (3)
The Read Sea Centers (2)
Luxor Centers (2)
Ismailia Centers (2)
Fayoum Centers (1)
Assiut Centers (1)
Beheira Centers (1)
New Valley Centers (1)
Port Said Centers (1)
Sharm El Sheikh Centers (1)
Sohag Centers (1)

Training Centers Guide

Cairo Training Centers (259)
Giza Training Centers (119)
Alexandria Training Centers (67)
Dakahliya Training Centers (14)
Gharbia Training Centers (10)
Sharkia Training Centers (10)
Fayoum Training Centers (8)
Kafr El Sheikh Training Centers (7)
Port Said Training Centers (7)
Sohag Training Centers (7)
Qalubia Training Centers (6)
Ismailia Training Centers (6)
Damietta Training Centers (6)
Assiut Training Centers (5)
Monofiya Training Centers (3)
Menia Training Centers (2)
qena Training Centers (2)
Aswan Training Centers (2)
Bani Souwaif Training Centers (2)
Beheira Training Centers (2)
Suez Training Centers (2)
Luxor Training Centers (1)

Tools and Educational Toys Guide

Cairo Educational Tools (7)
Giza Educational Tools (5)
Alexandria Educational Tools (2)
Qalubia Educational Tools (1)
Sharkia Educational Tools (1)
المدن و المناطق


Your child is our first
No.7 Mahmoud Kotb St. - behind El-Nasr Club - El-Mahkma Square - Heliopolis
Preparing your child to attend the best schools
Villa No. 22 Street, behind the El mekudes El kabarey International Garden
First Montessori Nursery in Rehab City
Villa 59-11 Abou Bakr al Sedek St. - Beside Gate 9 - from Al Rehab mall
5th Settlement, Villa no.252 South Academy (A) Behind DownTown & Cairo festival City, Near The Modern English School
Special Islamic Nursery
No 44 Mohamed El Naadi St. Parallel to Moustafa El Nahaas St. - In Front Of Awolad Ragab
building your child for the best
villa 260 Al-shwifat - 5th district - zone 4-34 st. ,New Cairo
Guide your child to be on track
AlAshgar St. behind Almwafi Mosque piece 9213
Add.11 ,Abdel Badei Mohamed salem St., Beside Been El Sarayat Traffic

Al Afak Algadeda International School (ACIC)

Al Afak Algadeda International School (ACIC) Play, learn and Grow
 To gether!

Spring Nursery

Spring Nursery your child is between his Family

Jolie Vie Nursery

Jolie Vie Nursery build an independent creative child

Urgencia Nursery

Urgencia Nursery Thinking Lively .. you born to be Unique

Morooge Nursery

Morooge Nursery Kids Creativity is our aim personality development is our game Morooge is our name

Paradis Nursery

Paradis Nursery LOVE, FUN, LEARN

Ideal Behavior Nursery

Ideal Behavior Nursery Actions speak louder than words

Montessori Zone Nursery

Montessori Zone Nursery Creative Learning

Simba Nursery in maddi

Simba Nursery in maddi We unleash your Child Creativity

Step by Step Nursery

Step by Step Nursery Our mission is to care about your Child